Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another year, another ride

Well, it's been a few years since my last ride but better late than never. After nearly 3 years in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina and no MS150's, I'm ready to saddle up for another 150 miles! I've got to be honest, I've barely ridden my bike in since the 2004 MS150 and I can definitely tell in the few rides I've done preparing for this years tour. Regardless, I'm pumped to be riding again as a part of everyone's favorite team, the Feisty Devils.

Just to bring you up to speed on the last few months of my life, here's the quick version. In January we moved back to Dallas/Ft. Worth when I accepted a great offer to take a marketing position with an incredible digital advertising agency imc2. In that time at the company I've some how been "nominated" to co-head our MS150 recruiting and fundraising efforts at imc2.

I learned about imc2 when I rode with the Feisty Devils in 2003 & '04 where many of the team members were from imc2, including the President & Founder of imc2 Doug Levy. Doug and his wonderful wife Alyce co-founded the Feisty Devils as a friends & family team after Alyce was diagnosed with MS. Due in large part to their infectious passion and exitement, the team is now one of the largest & highest fundraising teams in the NATION!

So, I've been on my bike about 4 times and need to ride alot more or it's going to be a really rough event. I'm working on ramping up my mileage now that the weather's nice and the reality of the ride being in less than one month has hit me.

Please continue to check back often for more info on my training and fundraising efforts.

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