Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another GREAT year!!!

Well, the 2007 MS150 is now behind me and I can say that I'm torn between feeling glad that I'm not still on the bike and a little sad that it's all over with.

The second day of riding (Sunday) was even more challenging than the first. You can only imagine how difficult it is to hop on the seat for another 75 mile day. On top of that it was hilly and windy to boot! It was a great challenge and I'm glad to have finished another year. If this thing wasn't challenging it wouldn't be right. MS offers no guarantees of consecutive "good" days nor does it promise to be easy to deal with. I don't pretend to empathize with my mom or others like her b/c in the end I recover and go back to life as I know it.

In addition to my own fundraising efforts, I also worked with our "Culture Club" here at imc2, a panel of individuals charged with keeping the culture here at imc2 fun and lively. We hosted several very successful fundraising events. We definitely put the FUN in fundraiser! One event we hosted was a Cinco de Mayo party where for a minimum donation of $20 you got all-you-can-eat fajitas and bottomless margaritas y cervesas plus 10 raffle tickets for great prizes. We raised approx. $2000 to donate to the MS Society which was a major accomplishment for our first time out!

We had a great time and actual won some awards for our efforts. At the team dinner Friday night, our Culture Club MS150 team won two awards. We won an award for "Most Creative Fundraiser 2007" for our Cinco de Mayo party and our smaller fundraising events. We also won "The Heart of the Team 2007" award for representing the passion and drive associated with the Feisty Devils. Not to toot my own horn but I was flattered and honored to win "Returning Team Member of the Year 2007." I was surprised and very proud to receive this award because I only do what I do because I'm so enthusiastic and passionate about the cause. In receiving this award, it confirms that I'm doing the things that bring awareness to devastating effects of MS and hopefully change the lives of current and future MS patients.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I invite anyone to join us for next year's ride. There are so many people that set personal goals for the ride. One new teammate set out to make it to lunch both days, approx. 45 miles each day, and ended up making it to a rest stop or two further! That's awesome and is completely inline with the spirit of the ride. If you watch the video linked in an earlier post, you'll see riders of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skill levels. The one common factor is that they put themselves out there and challenge themselves physically and mentally. It's a touching and humbling experience everytime I participate and I can't encourage you enough to try it yourself. Whether you do an MS Walk, MS150 or any challenging charitable event, you'll be forever changed and blessed.

Until next year,
Thank You and take care!

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