Saturday, May 5, 2007

Notes from the road...

Well, one day and 78 miles down, one day and 75+ to go! As if the MS150 isn't hard enough, it rained right in our faces the last half of the day. Good times! I can say that I'm 100% sure I've been off my bike for about 3 yrs. Holy crap, I'm so sore and it took me too long to finish today. Granted, we were waiting on a straggling friend of a friend but that only explains an hour or so.

Regardless, it was a good time for a great cause and I can only hope that the weather improves tomorrow. I'll make sure to give an update after tomorrow's ride including a summary of the entire weekend.

Thanks again for all your support. FYI - I received another $275 donations while I was riding and for that I'm so thankful.


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